emla patch

What is the EMLA patch?

The doctors from Sedation Connect mostly us an intravenous sedation technique and need to insert […]

doctors in surgery

If I’m “conscious” during the operation – would I experience pain?

The goal of sedation is to control anxiety and pain during operations.  The drugs used, […]

sedation dentistry

How long does it take to wake up after an operation?

It depends on the drugs used, the individual response to the drugs and the time […]

set of metal dentist equipement

Will I feel ill after the procedure?

Nausea is very seldom experienced, as one of the drugs used in sedation, has a […]

man holding head

After the procedure, would I be lucid enough to drive and go back to work?

You should be able to leave the aftercare in 15 to 40 minutes. You should […]

Young doctor standing in front with 3 doctors behind her

Can any doctor administer sedations?

Training in the field of sedation is imperative and therefore only well trained doctors should […]


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